What’s in a Christmas Tree

Christmas. So many memories, feelings, sweet and savory treats, decorations, obligations, and so much more are associated with this beautiful season.

The first Sunday of this month, the hubby and I found our very first Christmas tree. It has long been the tradition in my family to cut down a cedar tree and use it for our Christmas tree. Cedar trees are free when you have them on your own land; they look nice, smell amazing, and they’re close to home! We searched for a good hour and a half before actually finding a tree that was the right size, fairly uniform in shape, and with good color. And it was a cold ride home from the farm; we rode on the 4-wheeler to look and after we found it we had to ride for about 10 minutes to get home. Needless to say, we had to un-thaw inside when we got home…the answer: hot chocolate.

Once he got it on the tree stand, it was my job to decorate which I was totally fine with. I had a mental dilemma with what kind of lights to use. Before I had given much thought to the matter, I had asked him if he would rather use the clear or multi-colored Christmas lights. He chose the multi-colored. But after I had thought about it, I decided on the clear. Although color would have been fine, after digging out a few strands, I realized we had more clear and I think it looks classier on the tree anyway. Before deciding, I used my trusty friend google to try and solve the dilemma. After doing so, I realized what a debate there is on the internet and elsewhere regarding clear versus multi-colored. But this is really just a side note.

After putting on the lights, I slowly got out the ornaments and strategically placed them on the tree. As I unwrapped the crinkled newspaper I realized I was pulling memories from the Christmas ornament box. Almost every ornament I hung had some memory associated with it. I hung a couple of ornaments from the past few years of ornament exchanges I had had with friends or that had been given to me from friends. I hung many ornaments my mother had given to me, which were ones we had made together or ones I had made in grade-school. I also have several ornaments that the beau and I have purchased together, starting with our first Christmas as a couple…a sweet tradition I love. This year I hung several ornaments that had been given to me for the hubby and I’s first Christmas together. All of these ornaments are so special to me and remind me of the Christmas’s gone by (and even the ones to come). Because I know each year I get out my Christmas ornaments, and as the box gets fuller with every passing year, I will continue to reminisce each time I decorate the yearly Christmas tree.


Two ginger-people the beau and I bought in TN for our third Christmas dating.




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