Spring Fling

I am so happy it’s spring! I am a little confused as to why we never got a good snow in Kentucky because it makes it seem like winter never really came, (…global warming…). But I am still happy the green grass is here, flowers are popping up through the brilliant-green grass and beautiful, warm weather is right around the corner (and hopefully here to stay.)

My spring break came a week before spring officially arrived, but it was a lovely break filled with mostly wedding planning. In the process I was able to commit to a photographer and buy a dress with my Mom (I’m in love with it!) Mom and I also met with a lovely lady who is going to make alterations for me, she also offered to make our cake—she’s the sweetest, we met with/signed our contract the DJ (he’s awesome) and met with a friend of Mom’s who had several wedding things she is letting us borrow. I also got to take a little trip and look at wedding bands with my beau, I found one I love and we got a pretty good deal on it! So much excitement wrapped into one week! It felt really nice to have a week to spend at home with my folks while also doing some planning making some beautiful (lacey and sparkly) check marks on the list of things to do. Oh, and this week I also decided on some lovely navy blue bridesmaid dresses and all but one have been ordered!

With school staying busy and my mom and I not living in super close proximity, it makes it difficult to do planning all the time. It was really nice to finalize some important stuff. I am getting more excited when I think about the wedding now, instead of anxious thinking about all the things I haven’t done yet. I can see how brides go crazy with all the decisions that have to be made!

So yep, my spring has started in a very fast, fun way. I am looking forward to longer days of sunshine and already enjoying the daylight savings time change. There is still alot to do with wedding planning & purchases and wedding crafting but I am having so much fun in the process.

It’s time to go out and soak in the brilliant sun.
The fun days are about to begin
Blossom by blossom the spring has come.”

-Author Unknown



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