I am not a Selfie Pro.

Don’t try to take your own engagement photos.

Aside from a few photos taken of me before my senior year in high school, I have never really had a professional photo shoot. Having a professional photography session is expensive and, being a photographer myself, I have trouble justifying paying someone else to take my photos when I have a very nice DSLR camera. In fact, I just recently upgraded my camera, so now I have a really nice, moderately¬†priced DSLR camera. Until this recent purchase, I had a very basic, less expensive DSLR. But still, I have always loved taking photographs, so I have never paid anyone else to do this for me. Generally speaking however, I am usually behind the camera while my friends and family are my subjects. This is nice and all, but sometimes you need to be in the photos too. Like when they are your engagement photos…

I have a tripod, I have the camera, I have the skills. What I don’t have is an extra set of eyes to be behind the camera positioning myself and my fiance so that the photo looks perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I love how several of our photos turned out. But I didn’t get all the photos I wanted because the process was more time consuming than I had hoped.

As far as time, I’d say it takes about twice as long to take photos without a person behind the camera. You have to position the camera on the tripod, position your significant other, then jump into the photo yourself. Once you’ve done that you have to double check to make sure the photo actually looks like you wanted it to. About half the time you have to retake the photo because it didn’t turn out quite right. And I’m sure there are shots that are missed because you don’t see them when you aren’t looking through the lens.

I will say, it is fun to say I took my own engagement photos, and like I said, I really love how several of them turned out. I’ll probably end up trying to take a few more again, just because I like a challenge and I’m cheap.

But, my advice to you, if you have your own equipment, and want to take photos on your own, ask a friend to come and be behind the camera. They may not be as into photography or as good at it as you are, but I think it would be less stressful to have someone there to see things through the lens while you are in the photo.

My parting wisdom, if you “diy” your photos.

  1. Plan ahead. Make sure you think through the photos you want and how you will position yourself and the other subjects.
  2. Practice with your self-timer mode or camera remote so that you don’t have to waste time going through your settings.
  3. Relax and take your time. Warn your SO or family that it will take longer to get quality photos without a photographer.
  4. If you can, ask someone else to come along and assist.

Have you ever tried taking your own photos with your family or friends? Let me know how it went!

Bluegrass Belle



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