Change can be good, it can be scary, and it can happen so fast. I am in the midst of a storm of change right now. I look toward the near future and, God-willing, I see myself living with my beau in his cozy little farm-house. I am also thinking about change in a year from now when my life as a student in the classroom will transition into my life as a student in real-life, fieldwork. Today was a good friend’s first day of her fieldwork, so I can’t help but think about myself in her shoes in exactly one year. As my Occupational Therapy cohort begins the process of filling out paperwork to mark preferences for Level II fieldwork placements, I can’t help but become a little nervous. Where will I be? How far will 3 months of my placement be from my now fiance, then new husband?  It isn’t really up to me, I know God is always working behind the scenes, but it’s human nature to wonder and worry a little. Change is coming.

As I’ve mentioned, my recent engagement has me really thinking about change. It’s only been a little over a week, but I have been attempting to use as much time as I can on my winter break from school to make small plans (or at least think about them) for my near-future wedding. You all are probably wondering when this near future is..2017 is definitely the plan, but I won’t give too much away just yet since we haven’t settled on a date. Along with all the pinning on Pinterest, conversations with my mom, and thoughts running through my head about all the possibilities for the nuptials, are all the contemplations of how I’ll be a wife, living in a new place, and sharing everything with my beau. That in itself will be a big change. Then there is all the moving associated with it, and the purging I will probably have to do before I move, along with all the wedding decisions that will have to take place between now and then. I know it will be fun to live with my future-husband, but it’s also a pretty frightening thought. So much change!!

I performed a brief search for a featured image for my post, and I noticed this photo from last year. It was taken almost exactly a year ago when my little college town got hit with a snow storm. The snow was deep and it did a good job of keeping folks home, away from school and work. I took a little walk just to get a few photos of it and I snapped this one on my street. It’s only been a year since this photo was taken, but so much has changed in that time. It makes me nervous and excited for what I will be feeling a year from now when I look back at pictures I have taken a year before then.

I am slightly apprehensive for what lies ahead of me, but I am also quite enthusiastic. I’ll do my best to enjoy what is coming as well as enjoy the journey to the future.



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