A Very PUNny Game

I recently recieved Punderdome, the game, and played with a group of friends. We thought it was a challenging but fun game. The game includes the option to play with teams but since there were only five of us we played individually.

A challenge that we discovered of the game was the time limit given to create your own pun. Each round you are given about a minute and a half to formulate a pun connecting two seperate categories. It may have been easier to brainstorm in a team, but individually this was not much time.

Although formulating the puns was difficult we each enjoyed hearing the puns others had come up with.

One aspect of the game that we enjoyed were the “prizes” in the Mystery Envelopes. We decided we might include this fun piece of the game in other games we play.

Overall, it was great fun and perhaps if we had been more awake it wouldn’t have been as difficult for us! Hopefully we will play again soon and maybe we can even split into teams and try the game this way. I received this game from Blogging for Books.


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