Bloom Where You Are Planted

Initially I was drawn to this book because of the cover; it has a beautifully green budding plant against a starkly white backdrop. Then there is the title to attract the plant enthusiast. Plus…the book contains many plant growth references throughout (they really tickled me). After reading this book I feel inspired. Over and over again the author,¬†Liebscher, encourages you to stay where you are and fulfill God’s will right where you are. Liebscher offers insight and encouragement for Christians to remember that God has His own timeline for each of us. Sometimes the “prep work” God has planned for us may take many years before we can fulfill our full potential.

The way Liebscher writes keep the reader interested too. It could be a great book for a short devotional everyday or a quick read. Either way, I highly recommend reading this book. If you are at a time in your life when you are confused with what God wants you to be doing, this book was especially for you!


*This book was given to me by Blogging for Books.

^Featured image is of my Mother’s begonia shed wall, a favorite summer past-time. I have learned to love green, growing things from her.


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  1. multicatable says:

    This book sounds pretty good.


    1. Like I mentioned on the other blog, I haven’t finished it yet. But you can borrow it when I am finished.


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