Praise for Super Foods Every Day

I enjoy cooking, but I don’t have a ton of experience with it just yet. When I lived at home I didn’t do any cooking; my Mom did all the cooking. Every night she fixed dinner and if we were home for lunch, she would fix that too. She’s really good at it too. She rarely asked for help, so I didn’t get to learn from her much, except from watching and asking. I would occasionally bake something, usually with my Mom over my shoulder. Because I don’t have much experience, I am constantly searching out knowledge from friends, family and books! Cookbooks, Pinterest (yet another reason I love this site), and other online sources are great places for any type of recipe. I also love trying healthier recipes. I struggle choosing the healthy options sometimes, but I find the healthy options can be really tasty.

When I ran across Super Foods Every Day, I was excited to look through it. I like lists, so I’m going to make a list of the reasons I like this book so much:

  1. The photographs are beautiful. I LOVE photographs. Seeing the beautifully photographed ingredients and dishes makes the recipes much more enticing. EVERY recipe has a photo of all the ingredients before they are combined and what the recipe should look like after it is put together. It’s so nice knowing what your dish is supposed to look like when it is complete.
  2. Secondly, the book tells you what each ingredient can do for your body. It basically tells you what makes the foods, super. There are many reasons why fruits, veggies, and nuts are so good for you and this book tells you about the key nutrients and health benefits. Did you know pecans lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease? Or that cabbage is an anti-inflammatory, cancer protection and lowers cholesterol? Every super food in the recipes is in the super food index, very cool.
  3. The book is broken up into Breakfast, Salads, Soups and Small Plates, Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Baked Goodies and Sweet Things. You can flip right to a certain section for a certain meal idea.
  4. The book is small but it includes a large number of recipes.

Bottom line, this is a really nice healthy living cook book. It gives a nice variety of healthy recipes to benefit your body and taste great at the same time.

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books.



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  1. multicatable says:

    This does sound like a good book!


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