The sounds of amplified, fast voices, gavels, conversation, then the motions all around: nods, hands gesturing to bid, pointing at old tractors and their parts, and examining looks at farm machinery and accessories.


Saturday I went to my first auction with the beau. It was quite interesting. We got there around 9 o’ clock after stopping by Dunkin Donuts to get breakfast (I highly recommend the Brownie Batter doughnut and an iced cookie dough latte!). It was really nice walking around in the morning, people watching and seeing all the things that were to be auctioned. There was a gentle breeze, the sun was only warming us from the cool air. But by the afternoon the sun was fully exposing, giving me a slight burn, it was getting hot and my legs were getting tired of standing and walking. I made it through the whole day though, I think we watched one of the last items sell before we left. The beau bid on one item, but he didn’t end up taking it. The whole day I was waiting to watch him bid. It’s a thrill to watch the bidders I can only imagine how it is being the bidders. It was a long day, but it was an interesting experience. Best of all, the beau really loved it. That’s what made it worth it for me!

It was a nice little adventure, and the first day of my spring break. For this week..I will be getting a little R & R. My Mama and I are getting pedicures today and massages tomorrow. Pretty excited about those! Plus, we’ll get to do a little shopping. I better get going, my toes need to get ready for spring too!!






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